1.5mm HO7 Rubber 3 Core Cable by Titanex 3G1.5

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1.5mm HO7 Rubber 3 Core Cable by Titanex

Normally used as Power Cable for upto 15 Amps

HO7 RN-F Rubber Cable by TITANEX®
Not all HO7 Cables are the same, we now supplyl Titanex cable for its superior flexible handling and exceptional manufacturing standards, we have not found a better cable.

Superb rubber & neoprene sheathed cable, makes this exceptionally tough and flexible in temperatures from -20 to + 85 degrees.
Ideal for outside, marquees and professional use.

Cable is sold by the metre.
Drums are normally 100m long.
If Ordering over 100m we would normally supply complete 100m drums + an offcut. ie order 234m, you would receive 2 x 100m drum + 1 x 34m length.

Outside Diameter: Approx 10mm
Suggested Max Current 13A

Voltage Drop mV/A/M: 26.5

BS7909 2011 Code of Practice for Temporary Electrical Systems for entertainment and related purposes, recommends the use of HO7 RN-F cables for outside use

Industrial flexible cable, insulation and outer sheath in elastomer.
Oil resistant, flame retardant according to IEC/EN 60332-1-2 standard.

International : EN 50525-2-21; HD 22.4; HD 516; IEC 60245-4 type 66
National : NF C 32-102-4

H07RN-F TITANEX® flexible cable is intended for installations with moving equipment, electric appliances and for building sites. The cable may be rated 0,6/1 kV where the installation has built-in protection and for motors in lifting appliances - machine tools - etc.
This cable can be used in refrigerating installations.

Construction characteristics
Conductor material Bare copper
Insulation Special cross-linked elastomer
Outer sheath Special cross-linked elastomer
Sheath colour Black
Lead free Yes

Mechanical characteristics
Mechanical resistance to impacts Very good
Cable flexibility Flexible
Usage characteristics
Silicon free Yes
Chemical resistance Accidental
Water proof Intermittent
RoHS compliant Yes
Operating temperature, range -25 .. 55°C
Short-circuit max. conductor temperature 200°C
Oil resistance Yes
Max. conductor temperature in service 85°C

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Voltage240V - Single Phase