16A 230v Plug to 16A 415v Socket

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  • 16A to16A Socket
  • 415V
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Adaptor Cable Single Phase to Three Phase 16 Amps for Testing

This product will not geretate 3 Phase Electricty from a Single phase supply, for that you will need a 3 Phase Inverter, which we do not sell. For more info on what this cable can do read on...

Uses 1m Black HO7 2.5mm 3 core.

Can be connected to phase 1, 2, 3 or all three phases, please advise when ordering.

This adapter cable should only be used by a suitably trained person, it is unsuitable for powering most 3 phase appliances, as it could cause damage and / or trip the power supply.

These single to three phase adapter cables are generally used for testing purposes or to power 3 phase distribution boards from single phase supplies, where there is no 3 phase supply available. You will not be able to use the full capacity of the 3 phase board but it will work.

To convert a 3 phase appliance to run on a single phase supply (like a 3 phase coffee machine or 3 phase motor), you would require a 3 phase converter costing several hundred pounds and will also require a large single phase supply.

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Voltage240V - Single Phase