16A 3 Phase Inline Test Adapter

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16 Amp Three Phase Inline Test Adapter for Measuring Amps

This CEE current measurement inline test adapter allows a simple and easy measurement of each single phase, Live 1, 2 & 3 with a standard clamp meter (not included).

The user doesn’t have to open plugs, sockets and enclosures that exposes the wires, resulting in a safe to use product.

Easily operated and handy to use by utilising the product’s comfortable plug-in adapter function.

Symmetrical diagnosis for three phase loads with a fast current measurement.

Entry – CEE Plug 16A 400V 5Pin 6h

Outlet – CEE Socket 16A 400V 5Pin 6h

Current Measurement – L1-L2-L3 (With Clamp Meter)

Without Rotation Field Check

Amp - 16A 32A

5 Pin Tester - 3P+N+E - For 3 Phase Sockets

Volatge Rating - 400V

IP Rating – 44

Part Number – 9434150 (16A)

Clamp Meter not included

Inline Test Adapter with Clamp Meter

Test Adapter Diagram

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