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1m Long 16A Inline RCD Breaker

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  • 16A In & Out. Pro Version
  • Non Latching 30mA RCD

1m Adaptor 16Amp Plug to 16 Amp Socket with 16 Amp Residual Current Device Breaker

Professional Quality. Wired with 0.5m tail to 16A Plug & 16A Blue Socket, using 2.5mm H07 RNF Rubber Cable.

Ideal to give electrical protection, where extra is required. Portable generators often dont have RCD trips, so a product like this ensures safety for the user.

Our New Inline RCD helps protect users from electric shocks when operating faulty equipment. It is ideal for use in indoor and outdoor locations IP66. Very Tough, Heavy duty construction, ideal for temporary events

To Operate, power up inline RCD, then press Reset button.  Reset button will need to be pressed every time the RCD is powered up


  • Plugs & Socket by Mennekes, 240v 16A IP44 3pole
  • Voltage Rating 220-250v
  • Max Current Rating 16A
  • Cable 2.5mm 3 core H07 RN-F
  • Trip Current 30mA
  • Trip Time <40ms
  • CE