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2.5mm Printed Blue Arctic 3 Core Cable 100m Drum

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  • Less 20% for 100m +
  • 16A, Max Recommeded
  • Priced per m length

Blue Arctic Polyvinyl Chloride 2.5mm Three Core Flexible Cable

This Arctic Grade PVC cable is primarily designed for use when flexibility is needed at sub-zero temperatures. This quality makes the cable exceptionally useful in outdoor applications in cold environments. At normal temperatures, this cable becomes even more flexible, making it ideal for portable tools or temporary traffic lights. Can be used in 110 Volt or 240 Volt applications.



Blue – Neutral

Brown – Live

Green/Yellow – Earth

Cross Sectional Area – 2.5mm

Insulation – Arctic Grade Polyvinyl Chloride Type T14 - BS.EN.50363

Sheath – Arctic Grade Polyvinyl Chloride Type 10 - BS.7655

Current Rating – 25A

Conductor Resistance – 13.3 Ohm/km - BS.EN.60228 Standards

Voltage Rating – 300 Volts

Minimum Operating Temperature - -40 Degrees Celsius

Maximum Operating Temperature - +60 Degrees Celsius

Minimum Bend Radius – 60mm

Standards – BS.6004, BS.EN/IEC.60332-1-2