20m Extension Cable 16A 415V with 2.5 mm Black Rubber HO7 Cable

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IP44 20m Extension Cable with 2.5 mm Black Rubber HO7 Cable 16A 415V

380v - 415v Three Phase 16A extension lead. 20m long using 5 core 2.5mm HO7 RN-F rubber cable.
Red IP44 splash proof plug & connector. 3p + N + E Fully PAT Tested.

Power cables can be quickly manufactured to your specification with any combination of plug, cable and socket.

Cable sizes: We recommend using 2.5mm for 16A 3 phase use, larger cables when lengths over 50m are required.

Note: Now includes the cable length and our logo printed onto the cable.
We can also provide cable with Custom Logo's which costs an extra £1 for each side of the cable. Please give us a call or an email if you'd like to enquire about Custom Logo's.