32A 415v Plug to 32A 230v Socket

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  • 32A 400V to 32A 230V Socket
  • 6mm H07 3 Core Cable

Adaptor Cable Three Phase to Single Phase 32 Amps, 5 pin Red to 3 Pin Blue 

This product seperates one of the three phases, (normally phase 1) and connects it to the single phase socket.

32A 400v three phase Plug (5 pin, 3P+N+E), to 32A /230v single phase socket (3 pin, P+N+E)

Plugs and sockets are made by Mennekes,  IP54 Rated. Earth at 6h

Uses 1m Black HO7 6mm 3 core. Linked to Phase 1 only. Please request a different phase if required.

By Default we wire to Phase 1 only, if you want the adapter to be wired to a different phase please let us know.  ie L1 = N + E are wired, L2 & L3 have no connections in the plug.

These three to single phase adapter cables are generally used for powering single phase devices when only a 3 phase supply is available.

Do call if you need any advice.


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Lead time:2 - 3 Days
Voltage415V - Three Phase