32a/415v Soft Y to 3 x 32a/240v Adaptor - Phase Splitter - Cable Only

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  • 32A to 3 X 32A Soft Y Splitter
  • 6mm H07 Cable ( No Plug)

Black 5 Core 6mm HO7 Cable


This adaptor cable is designed as a three phase to single phase splitter, plugs need to be fitted.

Black 5 core 6mm HO7 cable with moulded 3 way Y, each of the 3 legs has a 6mm 3 core cable, the brown cores will be wired one to each of the threes phases inside the Y .


  • Each leg has a 0.5m tail to bare ends.
  • Hade with HO7 RNF Rubber Cable
  • Soft Y adapter or splitter.
  • Phase Splitter
  • For further details do call