32A / 415v Soft Y to 3 x 32A / 240v Adaptor - Phase Splitter

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  • 32A Soft Y to 3 X 32A
  • 6mm H07 Cable

This adaptor cable is designed as a three phase to single phase splitter, Rated 32 Amps

The red plug end uses 5 core 6mm H07 RNF cable to a moulded 3 way Y, each of the 3 legs has 6mm 3 core cable, the live cores will be wired one to each of the three phases inside the Y joint.

Each leg has a length of 0.5m
Made with H07 RNF Rubber Cable
Soft Y adapter or splitter.
Phase Splitter

1 x 32 Amp Red 400v plug IP44 6h by Mennekes 3p + n + e
3 x 32 amp 230v sockets IP44 6h by Mennekes fitted p + n + e - wired 1 socket per phase.

Tested and Ready to use
Call for pricing if you require an IP67 Version, this uses IP67 plugs & sockets