32A 415V Solid Adaptor 3 x 32A 240V out. MCB Trips by PCE 9439019

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Solid 3 Phase Adaptor made by PCE Converts 32A 3 Ph to 3 x 32A Single Phase

Sometimes called a phase splitter. This splits 3 Phase to 3 x single phase, 5 pin to 3 pin, 3p + n + e to p + n + e

There is one single phase socket on each of the three phases.
Protected by 3 x 32A C Type MCBs

Other styles can be made to order. Please call 01752 817 140 for more information.

RCDs Warning: Under 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, all final circuits rated 32 Amps or less need to be protected by a 30mA RCD. The 32A sockets on this board do not have RCD protection, this board is not designed for final user use, but as distribution to further sub distribution boards. If you require RCDs or advice please call.

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