32A Rubber Socket Board with 5 x 16A sockets

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  • Sockets 5 X 16A
  • Protection - None
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32A 5 Way Rubber Socket Board with 5 x 16A sockets

This product does not use any overload MCBs
- It should only be used by people with suitable electrical experience, as 16 Amp sockets could potentially be overloaded. Do call for further advice or see related products below with trips.

Description: Inlet is via a 2m trailing lead made with 4mm HO7. This adaptor box is not protected by any MCBs and RCDs. This distribution board can be made with a whole variety of options, such as 16a, 64a, 415v, 240v and other options can include MCBs and RCDs.
This product is commonly used for Site Power Distribution / Temporary Power Distribution .


Inlet: 32a 240v (IP44)
Outlets: 5 x 16a (IP44) Panel Mounted
Enclosure: Rated IP44
Weight: 2.7KG
Dimensions: 115 x 335 x 90 ( W x L x H mm )

RCDs Warning: Under 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, all final circuits rated 32 Amps or less need to be protected by a 30mA RCD. The 16A sockets on this board do not have RCD protection, this board is not designed for final user use, but as distribution to further sub distribution boards. If you require RCDs or advice please call.

More Information
Voltage240V - Single Phase