400A Temporary Power Distribution Enclosure - 13 Way - 400.3.P10.3

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  • 13 Outlets: 63/3, 32/3
  • Main Isolator, RCDs + MCBs
  • Designed & Made in UK
  • Titan Pro 3 Year Warranty

Our Biggest and most Powerful Standard Power Distribution box!

The ENC400/V46/100/0080 has a Power Syntax Panel Drain by Valentini and 13 different outlets, each protected by Type A RCDs and C Curve MCBs by ABB or Doepke. Included is a set of Green Phase Neon Indicators and a protective Steel Lifting Frame.

For more information visit - https://titanpower.co.uk/titan-power-cube/

400A Powerlock Distro 6 x 63A 6 x 32A Sockets & protection

"Titan Power for when you want the best, and most reliable power solution"

Titan Power products are used for Site Power Distribution & Generator Power Distribution and are ideal for Event Production, Film & TV, Motor Sport, Marine, Construction & Industrial Power. We only use Mennekes Plugs & Sockets & Titan Enclosures.

6 X 63A 415V 5P SOCKETS
6 X 32A 415V 5P SOCKETS



9 X 63A 4P RCD Type A, by Doepke

6 X 63A 4P MCB Type C, by Doepke

4 X 32A 4P MCB Type C, by Doepke

Delivery: 1 - 2 Weeks

Titan Power Pro 400A 400V Power Distribution Unit - V46.100

Data Sheet: ENC400/V46/100/0080

Titan Plus - 400.3.P10.3 - Titan Power 400A 400v Distribution to 6 x 63A, 6 x 32A RCDs and MCBs


Warranty Period: 36 Months Warranty on all Parts and Manufacturing Defencts

Product Overview: IP44, IK10, Double Insulated

Enclosure: V46/100 Shockproof Polyethylene Enclosure, Water Resistant up to IP67, Impact Resistance IK10

Enclosure Dimensions: 1312 x 690 x 616mm (H x W x D)



  • 1 x 400A 400v L1+L2+L3+N+E, IP67 (when mated) PowerSyntax Panel Drain by Valentini 

Power Socket Outlets:

  • 6 x 63A 400v 3P+N+E, IP67 6h Panel Socket by Mennekes
  • 6 x 32A 400v 3P+N+E, IP44 6h Panel Socket by Mennekes


  • Incomer: 1 x Main 400A 4P Isolator with Rotary Handle (lockable in the OFF Position) by ABB/Doepke - Breaks All Protected Sockets

Outlet Protection:

  • 3 x  (1x 63A /30mA 4P RCD Type A + 2 x 32A 4P MCB, C Curve by ABB/Doepke) – Protects 2 x 32A 400v Sockets per RCD
  • 6 x 63A /300mA 4P RCD Type A + 6 x 63A 4P MCB, C Curve by ABB/Doepke – Protects 63A 400v Sockets

Extras Included:

  • 1 x Set of 3 x Green Phase Neon Indicators
  • 1 x Protective Steel Lifting Frame with Lifting Eye
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Data Sheet for ENC400 V45 100 0080