5 Rung Zarges Industrial Swingback Stepladder

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  • 5 Rungs Swingback
  • Static Load Rate - 150kg
  • Delivery 2-3 Days

5 Rung Zarges Industrial Swingback Stepladder

The ultimate builders step - built to meet the demands of day to day use

  • Reinforced with a patented 7-point connection system and a central steel rod that runs right through the tread.
  • Two integrated bucket hooks.
  • Treads 85 mm deep for safe standing.
  • Smooth, grip-friendly external stile surfaces.
  • Stability through slip-resistant plastic end caps.
  • High stability thanks to fold-down locking bar on both sides.

Note: Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Anti-splay mechanismRigid locking bar
Base0,8 m × 0,45 m
Connection between stiles and rungs/stilesriveted
Tread depth85 mm
Vertical ladder height1.08 m
Stile depth steps/back stay87mm / 40mm
Working height2.65 m
Overall length1.21 m
Loadmax. 150 kg
Number of rungs, incl. platform5
Vertical distance between each rung/tread218 mm
Type of rungs/treadsserrated
Weight5.1 kg
Overall base width0.45 m
Stile depth87 mm
Stile depth40 mm
length-area-base-td-met0.8 m
width-area-base-td-met0.45 m


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