63 Amp Rubber Cable by Essential Supplies H07 RNF

63 AMP Rubber Cables

63a Rubber Cables

Essential Supplies have been a specialist supplier of 63A Rubber Cables for over 20 years. Our most popular cable is the HO7 RN-F range 3G16 and 5G16 but we can help specify the correct cable for your application.

Because of the excellent handling properties of our 63A rubber cables they are regularly used for temporary power uses at outside events, in theatres, for shipping containers, marine platforms,  dockyards, marinas, industrial premises, on building sites and refrigerated installations. These cables are also known as TRS or 'tough rubber sheath'.

The HO7 RN-F 63A rubber cable uses harmonised cable core colours and has a PCP (polychloroprene) outer sheath known as OFR or 'oil resistant and flame retardant'. The cable is black in colour and suitable for voltages up to 450/750v. It has a temperature operating range of -30 to +60 degrees C.

Our rubber cables are available in a huge range of sizes from 1.0mm to 630mm cross sectional areas, and from single cores up to 19 cores. Our most popular sizes are 2.5mm for 16A, 6mm for 32A and 16mm for 63A rubber cables, and we can supply any length you need - from one to 1,000s of metres - and we normally stock the top quality HO7 cables by Nexans Titanex and Lineaux.

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