900w Lighting Dimmer wired 16A in & out

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Not Suitable for LED Lamps

Simple 900w Rotary Dimmer for Marquees wired 16A in & out

Please note: This product is NOT suitable for LED lamps

900w lighting dimmer with plastic rotary fader and on/off switch.
Not suitable for dimming LED uplighters.
900w or 4.3 Amps max load.

The dimmer is cased in a metal clad enclosure fitted with 2 x 1m cables to a 16A plug & socket to make it ideal for use in marquees and with other temporary lighting.

This dimmer is rated at 1000w although we suggest the maximum load should be only 900w to prevent overloading and damage to the circuitry.

Minimum load should be at 150w to prevent flickering.

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