Emergency LED Exit Sign 8w - Unwired


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Emergency LED Exit Sign 8w - Unwired
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This Emergency Exit is not wired to any plug
If you Require Green Running Man Legend stickers you need to buy them seperatly see ELEXIT/L

The light can be wired as either Non maintained or maintained.

LED fittings 8w
Waterproof to IP54.

Maintained Lighting. The emergency lights are always on and continue to be lit for up to 3 hours after the power fails, using their back up batteries.
Non Maintained Lighting Only light up once the power has failed and will be lit for 3 hours using backup batteries.
Legal Requirements The need for emergency lighting varies around the country with different fire officers.
The main principles are: Public Functions i.e. where the public pay to enter a venue, maintained lighting is essential.
Private Functions i.e. events not open to the general public, only require non maintained lighting.

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