63 Amp Plug
63A Plugs by Essential Supplies

63A Plugs by Essential Supplies

Essential Supplies specialise in industrial and event cables, plugs and sockets and we are key suppliers to the trades of 63 amp plugs and sockets. Our plugs are used for events, on docksides, on film sets and in TV studios.

We supply a full range of plugs and sockets including 16 amp/16A, 32 amp/32A, 63 amp/63A and 125 amp/125A - all available with two, three, four or five pins and across a range of voltages - 110v, 230v, 380v, 415v and 240v.

Do call us today if you don't see what you want; we have direct links with the leading European and American manufacturers - PCE Austria, Mennekes Germany, Palazzoli Italy, Gewiss Italy, Walther USA and Lewden UK.

Most 63A plugs are available for next day delivery within the UK.