Anytronics 6 Channel Lighting Dimmer - Unwired

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Brand: Essential Supplies

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Anytronics 6 Channel Lighting Dimmer  - Unwired
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For control of six channels worth of lighting, this dimmer rack has onboard controls and DMX/Analogue input to accept a wide range of control options. Each channel of the dimmer rack has a max rating of 10A and MCB protection. This rackcan be mounted into a 3U flight case with ventilation slot and has 6 x16A outputs on the back plate. The dimmer can be supplied wired for either 63A single phase operation or 32A three phase operation.
How to work out your Dimming Load
Number of Lamps x Lamp Rating in watts (w)
Eg. 8 Uplighters fitted with an 80w bulb and 2 x 5 arm chandeliers fitted with 60w bulbs:
Uplighters 8 (lamps) x 80 (watts) = 640watts
Chandeliers 10 (lamps) x 60 (watts) = 600watts
640watts + 600watts =1240watts. In this example you could either use one of the 2500 watt dimmers or two of the 750 watt dimmers./ (One for the chandeliers, one for the Uplighters)

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