LED Pro Dim 10 Dimmer


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LED Pro Dim 10 Dimmer
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Our standard Pro Dim 10 modified for use with our LED fairy Light series and LED dimmable Lamps

This is a professional UK manufactured quality dimmer, rated at max load of 10 amps, 2300w or 2.3kw. This dimmer gives a very smooth dimming curve right down to approx 5%. This is a professional quality dimmer, rated at max load of 10 amps, 2300w or 2.3kw. It is equally suitable for ordinary dimming with resistive tungsten/ halogen lamps or our LED uplighters.
Fitted with 16a outlet socket on the side and 2m inlet cable.
Dimmer includes a 10-amp MCB for overload protection and an internal 100mA fuse for circuit protection.

Please Note:
The Dimmer has been modified so that the dimming curve is suitable for use with our ELXXY series of LED fairy Lights

We cannot guarantee the suitability of this dimmer for use with fairy lights supplied by other companies.

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