Anytronics Pro Dim 20, Dimmer 20 amp 4600w

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Brand: Anytronics

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Anytronics Pro Dim 20,  Dimmer 20 amp 4600w
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For those high power demanding situations, a professional dimmer with a maximum load 4600w, or 20 Amps with an onboard slider fader.

Designed for use in permanent or temporary locations.
An excellent & tough single channel dimmer
Can be fitted with a 32A plug & coupler on 1m cables.
Dimmer includes a 20 amp MCB for overload protection, and an internal 100mA fuse for circuit protection.

Options include 15A or 16A wiring, DMX Control, Remote switching, blank side plates, etc.

How to work out your Dimming Load
Number of Lamps x Lamp Rating in watts (w)
Eg. 8 Uplighters fitted with an 80w bulb and 2 x 5 arm chandeliers fitted with 60w bulbs:
Uplighters 8 (lamps) x 80 (watts) = 640watts
Chandeliers 10 (lamps) x 60 (watts) = 600watts
640watts + 600watts =1240watts. In this example you could either use one of the 2500 watt dimmers or two of the 750 watt dimmers./ (One for the chandeliers, one for the Uplighters)

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