Custom Solutions

  • Custom Distro

    Custom Distro

    info We can make custom enclosures to suit any requirement.

    Common options include:
    • MCBs
    • RCDs
    • RCBOs
    • Rack Mount
    • Powerlock
    • Earthing Styds
    • Trip warning and Current Measurement
    • 110v, 240v, 230v (single phase)
    • 415v, 400v, 380v (three phase)
    • 32A, 16A outlets (panel sockets)
    • 32A, 63A and 125A inlets (panel / trailing plugs)
    • Digital Ammeters / Voltmeters / Multimeters

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      Some Examples of products we have made or are able to make are shown below:
  • Customised Power Solutions

    Essential Supplies fully customises distribution boards to your exact specification. Commonly used for external events including catering, festivals or tough diverse environments, our great team of engineers endeavour to create a suitable board to complement your precise requirements. Challenge us today to design a distribution boards to suit your needs by calling our tech team or drop us an email on