Dual Channel Crossfade 5 Amps per Channel


Brand: Essential Supplies

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Dual Channel Crossfade 5 Amps per Channel
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This is a professional quality 2 channel crossfader, rated at max load of 5 amps, 1150w or 1.15kw per channel. Designed for use in permanent or temporary locations.

Cross fade is where each channel "flip flops" fades in and out alternatively. Full dimming, crosspoint and speed controls make the unit ideal for star cloth and similar applications.

Fitted with 2 x 16a outlet sockets on the side and 1m inlet cable.
Dimmer includes 2 x external 5A 20mm Fuses for overload protection., and an internal 100mA fuse for circuit protection.

Options include DMX Control, Remote switching, blank side plates, etc.

Tick box for 13A or 16A plug as required..

This new crossfade unit will act as a 2 channel 1250w dimmer plus a crossfader. DMX option available.

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