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  • Exhibition Truss from Essential Supplies

    Exhibition Truss from Essential Supplies

    Do you require an aluminium exhibition truss frame for your exhibition stand? At Essential Supplies we have been providing complete exhibition truss systems for almost 20 years and that wealth of experience helps us to select the right product for you and get it delivered on time; and yes, we can work to very tight deadlines when required.

    We use a variety of different manufacturers - our main suppliers are Trilite UK, Metalworx UK and Duratruss Europe. Other manufacturer's products are used if they are more suited to the requirements or are preferred, and our sales staff will work with you to create the design you want.

    The lightweight but high-strength portable exhibition truss systems are used to support lighting and prop screens and come in three different styles; Ladder Truss, Triangular Truss and Quad (Square) Truss. All the systems are made from aluminium, each with their individual loading specifications, and are quickly assembled or taken apart after the event.

    If you need something that is not an off-the-peg product we offer a FREE design service. We will design what you need, confirm loading specifications and send you CAD drawings for approval before manufacture.

    Standard exhibition truss solutions can be delivered in just a few of days. Bespoke truss will often take one to two weeks to manufacture and deliver.

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