Spare Lamps

  • Spare Lamps

    Essential Supplies provide the perfect lamps to suit any fitting. We carry a wide range of stock consisting of LED, fluorescent, halogen, HQI, decorative and many more. Whether the fitting was previously purchased from us or you are a new customer, we can provide you with the ideal lamp to complement the location and ambience. Lamps are changing to LED's for an upto date situation do call us for expert advice from our technical team or to place an order with our sales team.

    2018 Update, What Lamps are avilable and what are not.

    Candle lamps:

    Traditional candle lamps were phased out in 2006, halogens are following suit this year so we can offer either halogen or LED equivalents


    GU10: Phased out we can supply LED
    LV GU5.3: no supply issues

    PAR 30:
    Only LED available

    PAR 38:
    80w Spot: no longer available
    80w flood: Available for the foreseeable future or we can supply LED equivalent
    120w flood: All phased out
    Halogen: Phased out

    PAR 56:
    Still available although there may be a disruption to supply

    PAR 64:
    All available

    Stage Lamps:
    T18/T26/profile/HPL575 all available

    All HQI discharge in white available - Coloured being phased out