63a Adaptor For EV Chargers With RCD Protection

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  • 63A Adaptor for Charge Compact+
  • Includes RCD to Latest Regulations 
  • Waterproof IP54 rated

63A Adaptor For EV Chargers With RCD

Charge Compact is for Fast Charging

With the number of electric cars on the rise more and more charging points will be needed. The Charge Compact Series has been developed to charge electric cars at any location. The Charge Compact is handy, easy to set up and safe to use.


63A Adaptor is perfectly designed to be fitted and connected to the Charge Compact+.


  • 2m H07RN-F 6mm² cable with plug 400V 63A 5-pole
  • Modern high quality design
  • Waterproof to IP54
  • Built in earth leakage protection trip 16A 30mA 3-pole + N C-cart. To latest regulations
  • Dimensions 375 x 135 x 103 mm (l x w x h)
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