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Anyscene 2 with 23 DMX Memory Pre Sets

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  • 23 Scenes, Max 256 Ch DMX
  • 3 Pin XLR
This DMX Controller is a brilliantly simple bit of kit to make your life simple.

The anyscene 2 is an uprated version of the anyscene 1. It will record upto 23 different different scenes from a lighting desk then with the desk removed it will play them back with a gentle fade between scenes. It can even scroll round all the scenes or dim any individual scene. Button 0 = off 1 - 8 over 3 pages sets the scenes.

We suggest these in venues where unskilled opperators can control modern DMX lighting.

Max DMX channels 1 to 256
Mounted in case with 3 pin DMX in & Out (5 pin by request)
1m Mains cable

More Details on how to use the Anyscene here