BBC, Tom Dixon, White Noise and Essential Supplies … Christmas Lights with a difference !

White Noise, a Production Company have commissioned an imaginative lighting display for Xmas at BBC, Wood Lane with Tom Dixon Lighting, We at Essential Supplies have designed and made the Lighting Loom for the Tom Dixon ‘glowing golden geodesic shapes’ these have been manufactured in our workshop to their spec and have been hung outside BBC, Wood Lane. The Etched Brass Pendant lights are lit with 2 watt LED Bulbs and hung in a horizontal line going from tree to tree using our 3 ml galvanised wire, ratchet straps, shackles, PowerCon True1 which is IP65 rated (waterproof). Our man up a ladder, Alex with Ewan alongside have been up in London for 48 hours hanging these golden etched globes at a height of 3.5metres with an audience of passers by watching the them work and admiring the effect of these golden glowing shapes.