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Lighting & Audio for Weddings, Seasonal Parties, Corporate Events & More!

Lighting is Key

A beautiful venue deserves stunning lighting and audio systems. Everything from weddings to seasonal parties and corporate events, Essential Supplies can help with every step.

The Wow Factor

Over the years Essential Supplies have been approached by various hotels, golf clubs, wedding barns, and seasonal temporary structures all looking to enhance their event spaces. We offer the latest colour changing LED room lighting, both decorative and contemporary. As well as plug and play audio systems for speeches, to more complex ambient music and live entertainment systems- a solution for any occasion.

We know the key to a successful install is planning and understanding exactly what the customer and venue requires. We also know that not everyone is technically minded. The last thing a busy venue needs is a member of staff programming lighting and testing audio. Our in-house technical team and designers will take care of the entire process.

What we Can Do

Meeting our customers at their venue with demo equipment really helps everyone understand exactly what is required. If the venue has outside contractors we find building a good relationship with them also helps with a smooth install. From the first meeting to the final handover our technical design and install team will take care of every detail. Support is always on hand with Essential Supplies so our customers feel at ease with their new system. If a problem arises, we can use remote logins and phone support to help resolve the issue.

Lighting Controls

Let’s Take a Look

Marquee Wedding Venue

We used 80W COB LED colour changing cans for uplighting and we used the same unit as a room wash lighting. The LED Pin Banks were centred above the tables  to

create a very different atmosphere as the sun goes down.Marquee Lighting

The lighting is controlled via a simple lighting desk. 16 pre-sets were stored in an anyscene for a simple push button room change.

We installed an audio system behind the linings for background music, speeches and live entertainment.

This venue had a permanent marquee installed for all sorts of events. We provided a state of the art colour mixing and room lighting control system. Working with electrical contractors from start to finish.

Event Lighting
Marquee Event LightingThe roof LEDs were powder coated to match the venue linings and speakers. DMX data floor boxes were installed to allow event companies to use the data lines for their own production equipment.

We used both analogue dimming and digital touch screen lighting control. Using Chamsys as the brain we were able to design the venue virtually to show the client a simulation of the finished product, this also allows us to pre-program a number of venues’ lighting requests.

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