Here at ES there is a buzz of excitement around the new Festoons coming in at the end of July.  There is also a fantastic choice of lamps we can supply.  This really makes it possible to order and design a wide range and style of festoon.  These last few weeks of using our gardens as another room really have turned all our thoughts to how imaginative we can be with our garden/marquee lighting.


Do check out our range of lamps, we are particularly proud of our new Dimmable, Shatterproof LED Lamps (EBLED/G/2/BC/S/D) these offer so much on a practical level but look good too, we are currently the only suppliers of these little gems!  Talking to a customer yesterday I was reminded how good the festoon can look with our retro decorative filament lamps, which come in all shapes and colours.  Love personalising these festoons, and at this time of year when dare I say it nights are starting to draw in the festoon is more of a feature.  They always have their place at a wedding, in pub or restaurant garden but we love now using them at home, a party or gathering in or outside is lifted by simply lighting up your garden.  I also feel very middle aged suggesting that sometimes I love having a path way or steps to be lit up. But let’s be honest it does help!!  All in stock now.



FESTOON  … new and exciting designs due in with us end July

We are very proud to be able to react to customer requests with speed and never letting the quality of our products drop.  It is important to us in this wonderful creative world of  lighting to keep ‘on trend’ and to be able to keep saying ‘yes’ to new ideas.  With that in mind we are pleased to be bringing you …..

CONNECTABLE FESTOON ….  which does as it says.  Used with LED lamps it becomes almost endless! This will come in black or white rubber in lengths of 10m or 20m or 50m. To be used in or outdoors.  This really does expand the festoon uses.


SCREW IN DROPS…. Once again in response to requests from customers these handy drops come in 3 lengths 40cm, 75cm or 100cm and can be screwed in to the lamp holder.  I rather fancy using all 3 different lengths creating the random look.  These come in black or white rubber, to be used in or outdoors.


DROP FESTOON….. this comes in black rubber in lengths of 10m with drops of 15cm at 1m spacing.

GLOBE FESTOON ….. once again due to popular demand we are bringing in a new lightweight globe festoon, which is the cheaper alternative to festoon.  This will come in lengths of 8m with 16 globe lamps.  Great for walkways and

These three new festoon products are due to land with us at the end of this month so ready for August, don’t miss out, these really do give huge scope for more and more imaginative ways of decorating any number of outdoor and indoor events.