Electric, Lighting and PAT Testing Courses

Sun shining, spring is definitely in the air and there is a sense of everyone getting busy and preparing for a summer season.  We here at Essential Supplies have had a frantic two months running our new Electrical, Lighting and PAT Testing courses which have been run either here at our warehouse in Torpoint or on site at the request of various customers.  Both styles seem to work well for very different reasons.  We love coming to see you and using your warehouses as a venue apart from getting to know you, our customer, it is great to see your set ups and hear your individual queries.  We like to feel we can offer you an efficient and friendly service that supports you in a busy summer season.  It works well having the courses run from here too as we have all the stock, samples and new cutting edge ideas here to hand and rather hope that it is interesting for you to see how we run as well as meeting our staff.


Just speaking to Simon our Managing Director, who ran most of the courses he says he feels one of the most common areas he was covering in all these courses was identifying potentially dangerous equipment, which he hopes he has now enabled you to be doing yourselves.  By correcting common mistakes in your warehouse and planning each job you are then much better prepared to deal with last minute changes on site, as well as feel your equipment is reliable which is key at all events.


Ewan our Technical Manager, who also ran some courses, says he really benefitted from meeting customers some of whom he knew over the phone but enjoyed meeting customers and getting a better relationship with them.  All this contributes to one of the most important things we feel about our job is to be able to tailor our sales and support to each of you individually.  Our plan is continue with these courses next Winter, do let us know if you wanted to book up a course, we are always happy to run a course that suits your business !



Josh... teaching PAT Testing