Chris Blackler our Production Manager has been up and down the country running day courses in Event Electrics and PAT Testing and about to do an Event Lighting course.

Asking Chris what works on these days he says …. ‘I really enjoy teaching at the customers venue as I get a real insight into their companies.  I enjoy putting faces to names.  It works very well when you get a few people from different companies together as the conversation takes on it’s own momentum and each company’s ideas and questions enable them to bounce of the other, all learning so much more.  A good example of a very positive outcome of a course done with 2 different companies the other day in Bristol was a follow up email where a Rapid Tables Electrical Calculators was shared, this type of sharing knowledge is just one of invaluable and unexpected bonuses of getting together and pooling experience and tips.’

Another voyage of discovery was Simon & Chris running a course at Lemon Zest in Birmingham, there,  they were hugely impressed by the offices and design of the premises giving us some great ideas as we endeavour to give our premises a once over thanks all of you at Lemon Zest, we like your style !



We also run courses from our premises here in Cornwall, always a pleasure to host them here, giving our customers opportunity to see round the production workshop and warehouse, giving you an opportunity to see all our latest & innovative ideas and meet the office staff.  This integral part of building a good relationship with our customers is important to us.

With all three courses there tends to be theory in the morning and hands on in the afternoon.  Chris likes to run the courses in a relaxed and informal style, allowing the questions to guide the direction of the course.  We all enjoy meeting you and there is always a warm Cornish welcome as well as some great local pubs to stay in !