Festoon Lighting Explained

October 30, 2018
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Festoon Lighting

LED, Outdoor Festoon Lights and Bespoke Festoon Lighting

Festoon lighting has become extremely popular over the last few years – originally seen at funfairs, they can now be seen at many functions both indoors and outdoors, such as weddings, Christmas markets and festivals.

Festoon lighting is also popular in beer gardens, for lighting up walkways or thanks to the Love Island festoon lighting craze, they look great in your back garden too!

Festoon lights can be used for many occasions and with the wide range of lamps available they can be used in many different situations. We have vintage lamps starting from £3.50 in various shapes and styles: squirrel cage, tubular, gold, globe, smoked, and crackled.


Traditional lamps, LED lamps, shatterproof LED lamps and coloured LED lamps – the choices are endless.

Our new screw in drop pendant system is brilliant for creating a retro look. Simply screw a number of our varying length pendant drops into the festoon and use with a variety of decorative lamps – the effect is stunning.

We also have our mini connectable LED festoon lights – these party lights come complete with LEDs and are available with black or white cable with warm white or coloured LEDs. They are perfect for parties or to string on an outdoor Christmas tree.

Festoon Lighting by Essential Supplies


Bespoke Festoon Lighting Service

For permanent outdoor installations, we can manufacture outdoor festoon lights, call an expert today to discuss your requirements. These can be manufactored using heavy duty IP55 rated festoon lamp holders and rubber cable, from 24v to 230v.

Our bespoke festoon lighting service will ensure we can make any festoon at any spacing which can be in black, white or yellow, with PVC or rubber, ES or BC lampholders.

Follow the link below for our range of festoon lighting products:

Festoon Lighting

Please contact us for more information on 01752 817 140 or email us.

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