We have recently been visited by a customer with his fantastic new Tesla Model S

This car is an all electric vehicle with outrageous performance and auto drive / navigation that sounds like something from a Sci Fi movie.  The car droves itself from Yorkshire to our offices here in Cornwall without the driver pressing pedals or moving the steering wheel !

tesla torpoint

The owner wanted to buy a set of adapter cables so he can plug this Tesla into any electrical supply he can find. We manufactured a set of cables to enable the EV car to plug into garden sheds, factories, garages, homes, generators, hopefully anywhere he can find a socket.


Our adaptor cables are not the ordinary types you can buy at a DIY superstore, they are all made with professional grade rubber cable, and top quality plugs and sockets made in the UK, Germany and Austria, just like the original cables that come with the Tesla.  We provided EV adapter cables for single phase, 3 phase, small and large industrial sockets.


Our special custom adapter cables are here see  https://www.essentialsupplies.co.uk/acatalog/Specialist_Adapters.html


We are also able to supply long heavy duty extension cables for EV cars.  All EV cars use high currents to charge the vehicles batteries, this would cause cheap extension cables to overheat, loose voltage and potentially cause fires and have meltdowns.  Our leads made with superior HO7 RNF rubber cable and Austrian or German plugs, are not the cheapest but they do the job properly, will last for years and years, and are fully safety tested before leaving us.  We have these cables at our premises near Plymouth, they are delivered nationwide in the UK next Day.  As we make the cables ourselves, we can make them any length, and put on the right plug and socket, for your specific needs.


You can see our heavy duty extension cables here      https://www.essentialsupplies.co.uk/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Extension_Leads_95.html

With such a fantastic car here, a couple of our team were delighted to have a spin in the new Tesla, try out the “Launch Control” programme, and experience the astonishing acceleration of  0 to 60 in just 2.8 seconds. Awesome

Simon James (our MD) and his 17 year old son Paddy have a bad case of Tesla car envy, and Simon loves to chat about the cars, and sort out the right cables for them, so do give him a call as he normally has a solution for any EV car cable problem. At the moment he drives a Mitsibushi PHEV,  maybe one day his dreams will come true and he will have a Tesla too!!!