Tents and Marquee at a Festival
Festival Season is BACK and better than ever!

After the arrival of the global pandemic in 2020, the events industry is only just getting back on its feet. It’s taken just over two years to get back to some normality with events (ones that don’t include social distancing or mask-wearing). Which is a long time when “the UK festival industry contributes £1.76billion in GVA to the UK economy and supports 85,000 jobs”.

Festival season is now well and truly back in full swing, with Glastonbury kicking off this past weekend. Some of the biggest names like Diana Ross and Paul McCartney took to the stage to ensure Glasto was back with a bang! More than 200,000 people had tickets this year so it definitely will be one to remember, especially after the postponement of the past 2 years.

Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury festival isn’t the only epic event making a comeback this summer, Coachella went ahead back in April and there’s also Boardmasters, Tomorrowland and many more to come this season! From food trucks to stage lighting and sound, the average festival uses a whopping amount of power. Glastonbury alone uses 30,000 megawatts (possibly more) of power over the weekend. This is a similar amount of electricity used in the city of Bath over a weekend. So if Glastonbury alone uses that much, you can only imagine how much is used when international festivals are taken into consideration too.

Why Power Distribution is so Important at Festivals

Power is a major consideration for all events and festivals as it’s what keeps them up and running. It usually ends up being one of the five largest single production costs for a festival. This makes up a huge part of what we do, our business provides power distribution solutions that run the lighting fixtures, moving lights, sound speakers, and control booths. But that’s not all, then there are the catering booths, site appliances, and even portable electric vehicle charging. So without festivals and events, we wouldn’t have grown as far as we have over the past 25 years.

A big problem for festival organisers is generator power that is insufficient for use. When choosing generators they have to be particularly careful when selecting the correct one, as if it’s an inadequate one for the job, it can go extremely wrong. Music festivals generally try to keep their power efficiency to between 70% and 80% so choosing an appropriate generator is a requirement when organising a festival.

Proper power setup is another major challenge for organisers. As they have no access to the electricity grid, it’s very important that they’re able to rely on high-quality and well-made power distribution units. Temporary power units are a critical link in-between getting the power to the final destination (like speakers or generators). The ease of portability that comes with power distribution units means they can be moved about and set up and down very quickly. This is what makes our power distribution units extremely popular as we have features like stackable corners and easy-to-grab handles which make them even more user-friendly.

Why Choose Titan Power Products?

Titan Power Logo

All being said, why should you choose us for event power? Well first off, we’ve got a huge wealth of knowledge so we know a thing or two when it comes to event power. With our in-house technical team and manufacturing facilities, we can help design and make a bespoke power distribution unit suitable for your setup. Having us all under one roof means that we can communicate effortlessly between departments and make sure your power distribution product is made with precision and efficiency. So, whether it's a catering truck, a mobile phone charging unit or the event lighting that you need to power, we can help provide that missing link!

We are a leading national supplier of portable, temporary power solutions. We manufacture and supply a wide range of power products under the name of Titan Power. It stands for quality and reliability. They can be found in other industries also, so if you are from the Film, TV, Marine & Construction industry, we might have something for you also.

Our Product Features

Stackable Titan Distribution Boards

We take a lot of pride in the products we create. With our technical knowledge and advanced manufacturing process, we truly believe you won’t find a better product anywhere else! Our units are built to last with features that can withstand a lot of environments and we guarantee any Titan Power product for 3 years. What are the features?

  • Easy to carry Handles
  • Stackable: Remains sturdy and grounded when many are interlocked together
  • Recess Wall: Inlets and outlets are protected from accidental damage caused by passing machinery
  • Insulation class II: each distribution box is double insulated
  • Water Resistant (depending on chosen components)
  • Impact Resistance: IK10. Resistant to mechanical impacts of 20J
  • Stainless Steel Screws
  • Numbered Sockets
  • Safety components ‘+ N’. All safety components we apply also switch the Neutral.
  • Hinged Windows: the hinged windows are rated IP67 and closed without hand screws or alike.

In addition to all of these great features, we can engrave any logo onto your power distro. This is free of charge and is physically etched into the front and back panels so there’s no way they can be removed. This will give you peace of mind when using your bespoke power unit at an event as everyone knows whose it is. It also gives your product a personal touch, telling everyone the name behind the event! No logo is too big or too small, we also offer heat shrink as well as engraving for our extension cables and adaptors.

Much like we can create you a bespoke distro, festivals can offer you a bespoke experience. So, if you can’t see a suitable product for you then get in touch with us so we can get send you a quote! The below options are available on our bespoke service:

Bespoke Options can Include:

  • MCBs and MCCBs RCDs
  • Adjustable RCDs RCBOs
  • Rack Mount Powerlock
  • Earthing Studs
  • Trip Warning and Current Measurement
  • 110v, 240v, 230v
  • Single Phase 415v, 400v, 380v
  • Three Phase 32A, 16A outlets
  • Panel Sockets 32A, 63A 
  • 125A inlets Panel / Trailing Plugs 
  • Digital Ammeters / Voltmeters / Multimeters.

There’s certainly no experience that matches going to a festival and after the past two years, an in-person event is invaluable to many people.  We hope now they will be around for a long time to come.
The events industry has truly shown how resilient and adaptable it can be and how it can bounce back from even the hardest of circumstances (much like our power distros). We can’t wait to see all the snippets from this summer season and how everyone is using their Titan Power distribution units!