How to: Vintage lighting

Design, recycle and create a vintage lighting look using pendants for weddings and events. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle.  

With vintage all the rage you can easily create a fabulous lighting effect upcycling just about anything and make it look like it cost hundreds.  

Our very own Lighting Designer, Alex Darling, always gets asked how to create this look, here he lets us in on the secret. 

Alex tells us all it takes is a good eye. By using bits of timber or ladders, or anything he can find that has some appeal and combining it with his knowledge of lighting, he has created some inspired looks in everything from barns to marquees. 

Sometimes the simpler the look the better the effect.  

He suggests creating a traditional centrepiece using a wow factor object is the simplest and most effective look – think wooden ladders, stagecoach wheels or long planks. Using these old wooden objects gives a farmhouse style to the creation then adding the lighting for a touch of class. 

Rustic pieces are bang on trend and to turn something that may have been broken and looked upon as junk into a work of art will give you an amazing sense of achievement. 

Don’t stop there – think old surfboards, picture frames, shelves – the only limit is your imagination! 

With some simple electrical knowhow, some vintage lamps, fairy lights, festoons and some electrical components you can give your chosen object a new lease of life. 

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Just think – your clutter could be not only useful, but beautiful, and by recycling you’re saving the planet! 

So, what do you need – and don’t worry we’ll keep it simple. 

This ladder (Image top of page) has a single 10m festoon, with small drops (Fig.1 below) moulded on to the cable to sit the lamps away from the main cable – perfect for the drop effect you see here. 

To create the height variation Alex has used small screw in festoon drops that come in various lengths. These simply screw into the existing lamp holder on the festoon (Fig.2 above). 

So, all you need for this look is one 10m festoon, additional drops and a power source – not one single tool! 

This can then be used on pretty much anything. Why not try adding foliage and paper lantern 

Fancy more of a challenge? Try using some lengths of cable, tee box joiners (Fig.3 below) and some lose lamp-holders to create a bespoke loom that adds that extra something. 

Drape over your centrepiece or drill through the wood/ladder or whatever you are using and hang the lamps. You will still only need a single plug on the end of the lead to power mutable lamps. 

Fancy giving it a try? SHOP NOW for all you need to create something unique – great for any event! 

All the look you see here have been designed and installed by Alex Darling, one of our resident experts in all things lighting.