Ewan and Alex have just come back from Llechwen Hall, Pontypridd.  They have a brand new Roder Marquee Structure of 15m x 34m.  Ewan and Alex’s remit was to design and install a permanent lighting package that can be used for Corporate Events and Weddings allowing this space to be multi-functional.

They used a mixture of traditional lighting and LED.  Starting with putting up a 5 metre Truss HTR/D using HCADER/H from which they hung a selection of lights appropriate for a stage and dance floor such as CORPAR80 and Moving Head similar to ELLED/MOONSTONE.

Traditional 5 arm Cream Chandeliers Lucerne ELCL5 were hung with HCADER/MINI, using 60 watt lamps. Then they have added LED Uplighting using  20 x CORPAR40.

The whole lighting package is controlled using a CHAMSYS system.  Alex and Ewan will be back up in Wales this week doing finishing touches and spending a couple of hours with their staff training them how to use this system.


This must open up a new and diverse market for Llechwen Hall.  Ewan and Alex take great pride in their design and try as much as they can to tailor each install to our customer’s requirements, then follow the install up with an efficient and friendly customer service.  Managed to have a quick work with Technical Department Ewan says “This new COB lighting looks amazing, it is not yet fully commissioned but I know the smooth and even colours these new lights are capable of producing will look fantastic, really impress the guests”  (watch this space I will post further photographs of this job next week).


Ewan and Alex designed this power and data box.  This bespoke solution is a permanent fixture for the uplighters providing power and data in a continuous ring.

We look forward to welcoming various customers here this week for the PAT Testing and Event Electrical Courses.  It is really productive in so many ways to get to know our customers, as well as for them to see us and our warehouse.  Do get in touch if either of those courses appeals.

Matt from the office has been out on the road for the past two weeks visiting customers, discussing new products and answering any queries, we have been getting great feed –back. Just shows in spite of all the wonderful new ways we communicate, nothing beats face to face contact (oh and of course a chocolate biscuit and a cup of coffee!), do let us know if you would like to see Matt, his knowledge of the products combined with his enthusiasm and charm will brighten up any grey day !!!