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We are based opposite HMS Raleigh so it is fascinating to go over there and learn more about what goes on.  Essential Supplies are sponsoring HMS Raleigh’ Field Gun Team, this is an exciting new partnership for us.  A few days ago Simon and Sarah were invited for lunch at HMS Raleigh and to watch the Passing Out Parade.  Having watched ‘Royal Navy School’ series on television we were both very excited to have this opportunity to see these young trained people on the final day of their ten week training.  We were very lucky to also have the Royal Marine Band, it was to say the very least spectacular on so many levels and very impressive.

We have been invited to Portsmouth in a few weeks to watch the Field Gun Team in action.

The transformation of these young people in ten weeks is staggering and in a lot of cases life changing for them.  We were accompanied at lunch in the Ward Room by a Navy officer, he gave us a huge insight into what goes into the training and what they are looking for in these young men and women.  The strong emphasis is on the team effort.  We could all learn a lot from the training.

We continually realise whether it is in the workshop, office or despatch how key it is that we work as a team and how important communication is especially as the pressure builds in our busy times.