What is Socapex?

What is Socapex?

Socapex is a brand of electrical connectors known in the entertainment industry for their 19 pin electrical connectors, commonly known as Socapex connectors. These can often be seen used in film television and stage lighting to terminate the ends of a multi cable.  The term is now often applied to similar multi-cable assemblies and connectors not of the Socapex brand.  Multi cable carries 6 circuits of lighting power inside on cable, saving the need for 6 individual runs of cable.


What can Essential Supplies offer?

Essential Supplies can manufacture Multi Cable extensions, we can manufacture any length, using 1.5mm or 2.5mm cable. We offer the option to have normal 19 pin Socapex Connectors or Evergrip Moulded. The Evergrip extensions have a thermoplastic resin pre-mould that creates a bond between the cable and connector for superior strain relief and secure terminations.

We can offer Fan-In (break in) and Fan Out (break out) assemblies. These are often known in the industry as Socapex Spiders. We can offer 15 amp, 16amp (also in black), Powercon or Powercon True.  Again these can be made with Evergrip bond if required.

Essential Supplies can also offer Socapex Distribution Boards. Although we have a couple of off the shelf solutions these are often custom built so please contact us with your enquiry.



Socapex Pin Out diagram


The standard wiring of 6 circuit cables using Socapex compatible connectors is:


Core wire No.Conn. Position
71 – L
81 – N
92 – L
102 – N
113 – L
123 – N
134 – L
144 – N
155 – L
165 – N
176  – L
66  – N
11  – ⏚
22  – ⏚
33  – ⏚
44  – ⏚
55  – ⏚
Green/Yellow6  – ⏚
N/ACentre pin: Not connected