Theatre Royal Plymouth, Exterior Lighting Enhancement Project

In Early December Essential Supplies were approached by Theatre Royal Plymouth confirming that they wanted to go ahead with a quote done by Ewan Thomas.

The remit was “to find a solution to light the exterior wall surfaces in addition to their existing projection” at ES we pride ourselves in being able to react promptly as well as getting the job done.

Incorporating what was already there was important to us and we love the aspect of designing a project like this and working closely with our customer.

Ewan, who heads up our Technical Department worked with Matt Hoyle (Technician, Theatre Royal) who had proposed some design criteria, mainly that the system should be flexible and should include colour changing properties.

Armed with this information ES looked for solutions throughout the lighting industry and opted to use a couple of products from Elation Professional. Working with the theatre we successfully completed a demonstration and finalised a list of equipment.

13 x Paladin and 15 x ZCL300 were purchased along with rigging and cabling. Each type of unit was selected for specific areas of the theatre roof space as different throw distances and surface areas to be lit were taken into account. Both units are waterproof IP67, LED colour mixing, DMX controlled and incorporate a zoom function.

Theatre Royal Lights Display
With all this in place, just before the Christmas break Ewan Thomas and Chris Blackler (Production Manager) spent a cold but enjoyable day on the roof of Theatre Royal installing the lights, working into the evening enabling them to see the installation.

Theatre Royal Before the Lights Enhancement

Theatre Royal Before Lights Enhancement

ES were able to use the original theatre roof infrastructure and power supplies achieving a quick and cost effective installation solution. Chris and Ewan very much enjoyed catching up with colleagues from Theatre Royal and look forward to a future of both companies working together to provide additional units and a comprehensive control system.

Theatre Royal After the Lights Enhancement

Theatre Royal After Lights Enhancement

Theatre Royal Lights
Theatre Royal Lights
Theatre Royal Wall Lights Enhancement
In addition ES will provide essential follow on support needed by Theatre Royal to make sure the installation continues to enhance and complement the building and have the ability to reflect the productions that Theatre Royal has throughout its programme.