Bespoke Power Distribution Units

Essential Supplies is a leading national supplier of portable, temporary power solutions. We manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of power distribution products and extension leads under the name of Titan Power, which stands for quality and reliability. We supply a variety of industries such as Events, Theatre, Broadcasting, Film & TV, IT Infrastructure, Marine and Construction industries, that use our products to distribute the current produced by portable generators, supplying from 110 volts to +5,000 volts for their site power distribution.


Alongside the range of cables, adaptors, plugs and sockets and ‘off-the-shelf’ Power Distribution Units, Titan Power also create bespoke portable power distribution to suit individual needs. Our knowledge and skills can design and manufacture your power distribution product, extension lead or power adaptor to any specification.

Why Titan Power?

We’re extremely proud of what we do, thanks to our technical expertise, advanced manufacturing process and quality control, we believe you won’t find a better product anywhere else. Each unit is made within a specific enclosure, built to last. What is this you may ask? It is:

  • Insulation class II: each distribution box is double insulated
  • Water resistant, depending on the chosen components
  • Impact resistance: IK10. Resistant to mechanical impacts of 20J
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Numbered sockets
  • Safety components '+ N': all safety components we apply also switch the Neutral
  • Hinged windows: the hinged windows are rated IP67 and closed without hand-screws or alike


Titan Power Bespoke Design


We also offer a few exclusive benefits only found within a Titan Power distro. They provide some valuable and unsung features to improve use and make life easier, they are:



Each size enclosure cleverly interlocks together with a corresponding other.  Whether horizontally or vertically, this unique exclusive design feature ensures Titan Powers’ Power Distribution Units are stable and grounded.

Recessed Sockets


Easy to Carry:

Thanks to the moulded handles on 4 sides for up to V45 enclosures, and 6 (2 midway) on V60 - V80 enclosures, these easy-carry handles make lifting and moving the enclosures effortless, making them truly portable!


Flush Wall Recess with Inlets & Outlets:

The recess houses the inlet and outlets comfortably, ensuring they cannot be accidentally damaged by passing vehicles or machinery. From 16A – 125A, each size socket is still tucked neatly behind the outer wall of the enclosure and the super-strong case really can withstand a knock.

Robust and Shockproof:

Made from the strongest plastic material and moulded in a unique way. This enclosure is at its strongest. Its unrivalled strength can take a beating thanks to the manufacturing process whereby the entire unit is moulded in one part.  This is unlike others on the market which are moulded separately before being welded together. By having this process, the unit can really take a beating, if knocked or accidently dropped.


Water Resistant Enclosure:

The sturdy enclosure is designed to withstand water ingress, up to IP67. Again, due to the moulding process there is no visible entry point for water to enter the enclosure through the plastic, meaning that, while mated, it can sit in a puddle or a bog without a worry.


And finally, we can add some optional extras to tailor your distro to your requirement. From 16A to +480A, we can also add:

  • Metal frame with lifting hoist points
  • Variable RCDs
  • Key switches
  • Audible pre-trip warning
  • Ammeters
  • 19" rack
  • Emergency lighting circuits
  • Bespoke logo printing…

We’ve designed many bespoke distros over the years. We will be your first choice, thanks to having the right knowledge and expertise for supplying your temporary power solution. Whether its is small or large, simple or complex; we can make them all.



Our options for Titan Power bespoke power distribution products include MCBs, MCCBs and RCDs, We can apply Rack Mounted Powerlock, Earthing Studs, Trip Warning and Current Measurement. Power outlets can range from 110v, 230v Single Phase and Three Phase 415v to +5,000v using 480A high-power connectors.  Also, we can add Digital Ammeters / Voltmeters / Multi-meters for monitoring and recording current flow. For our full list please click here.


Specialised Designs

Titan Power distribution units can also be made for more specific, sometimes niche requirements. Using a design specification within the events industry, we made one such product that incorporated the high quality of Socapex connectors and a DMX Box.  As with everything that we build for Titan Power, each part of the process is thought through and adapted to suit your requirements and deliver you outstanding quality, as well as being tough reliable and efficient.


The Power Distro Product within a V45 Distro Enclosure houses a 63 amp 415 volt input and 3 Socapex outputs making a total of 18 circuits. Each phase featured an RCD and individual MCB protection to each circuit. The second part of this system uses a 6 way stage box, Socapex into 16 amp,  powerCON TRUE1 or powerCON sockets.

This Power Distro Box can be used with a truss hanging arrangement. We can also make with a Swisson DMX buffer 3 or 5 pin XLR in & out and 4 isolated DMX outputs. 

Also incorporated are 3 phase indicators. This is just an example of our technical expertise in one instance. The aforementioned inputs and outputs can be customised according to your needs.


Logo Printing

Customer Logos Engraved
Alongside bespoke design, we offer a FREE logo engraving service of any power distribution board and cable printing with your name or logo. This means any branding can be applied to both the distribution unit itself and any cables we make.


Not only can you have control of the aesthetic finish of your products but with in-house manufacturing, you have a bespoke system at your fingertips. No logo is too big or small, we have our ways and we offer both heat shrink and engraving placements to make your power distribution unit truly unique.



We manufacture Titan Power in-house, right here at Essential Supplies in the UK. From quoting to designing and mapping the circuits, our team works hard to make sure we create these high-quality, bespoke, power solutions. Having all of this expertise under one roof certainly makes it better, as it means we can communicate between departments and create the Power Distribution Product with ease and efficiency.


High-Quality Components

We use a range of high-quality, reliable components from leading brands including Doepke, Titanex and Mennekes.


Mennekes is one of our main suppliers and has been a manufacturer of industrial plugs and connectors for over 75 years. Based in Germany, Mennekes sets the benchmark for reliability, durability, ease of use and innovation, so you know there will be absolutely no compromise on quality when it comes to our distros.


We hold huge stocks of Titanex HO7 rubber cable and flexible SY armoured cable. Plugs and Sockets from 16 amp through to 480 amp, from more commonly known commando, PowerTop Xtra, plugs and sockets by Mennekes to Powerlock 480A high-power connectors from PowerSyntax. We also have Adaptors, PAT testers and lots more power solutions for events.


Power Distribution FAQs

How do I identify the types of plugs and sockets that I have?

 On our website, we have a plug and socket identifier. This should help you identify exactly what type you have. Click to view and download the identifier here or view below:


Do you offer ready-made Power Distribution Products?

Most of our units are made to order but we do have a few that are either built, or manufactured in just a few days. Contact us for more details.

What type of cable do you use for our extension leads?

We offer Titanex HO7 RNF Rubber Cable and Flexible Armoured SY Cable.

What Amp Plugs and Sockets do you stock?


How quickly can you make a Bespoke Power Distribution Product for me?

That depends on your needs. We’re normally quite quick smaller socket boards take up to 5 working days whereas a larger enclosure can take 2- 3 weeks. But let us know your needs, we’ll endeavour to turnaround your requirement as soon as possible and once we know what it is, we can advise a date with your quotation.

Are your products tested and certified?

Yes, we PAT test all our enclosures and provide a written UKCA certificate of conformity with every power product purchased.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Yes, we can manufacture and ship to any destination around the world. We would need to discuss with you before an order is placed so that we can adhere to local legislation on power distribution manufacturing. We’ll contact you upon receiving your specification.


If you have any more questions or queries, then get in touch! Our experienced team here at Essential Supplies have been manufacturing bespoke power distribution products for more than 25 years.  We’re more than happy to help make your ideas a reality. Give us a call on 01752 817 140 or email us at [email protected] and get your quote today!