What is a Power Distribution Unit and why do I need one?


The tech world can be a little confusing sometimes.. You can look at a site and be hit with a mass of unfamiliar ‘techy’ words but luckily we’re here to explain to you the function of our Power Distribution Units and explain the exact benefits that these products can bring to you or your business.


What is a Power Distribution Unit?

A power distribution box (or distro, as we like to call it) is an efficient and convenient method of distributing an electrical circuit from a single input source to multiple output devices in the branch circuit. Power distribution units can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are frequently tailor made to fit your purpose. Variables in a power distro can include but are not limited to – input and output ampages/voltages, number of outputs and safety hardware such as MCB’s, RCB’s and MCBO’s (don’t worry we’ll get in to this in another post).


Why would I need to use a Power Distribution Unit?

Using a distribution unit means there’s no need to wire each device in the circuit to the power source using more wires than are needed and unnecessary energy. The power distribution unit eliminates the mess, disorganisation and power wastage. Think of a power distribution unit as the central control hub to your various outputs.

Power Distribution Units are absolutely perfect for any scenario where you need to power multiple electrical devices at once. There is unlimited potential for where you can use a power distribution but some of the most typical scenarios we find them in use is at events, nightclubs and festivals – to name but a few.


What are the benefits of using our Power Distribution Units?

  • REDUCE ENERGY COSTS – When you’re running various outputs all from the same source it’s much easier to channel your energy and avoid any unnecessary wastage.
  • POWER FILTERING – Each power distribution box has tailor made outputs ranging from 13A all the way up to 400A. Power filtering improves the power quality received to each output, ensuring each is more than sufficient.
  • CREATE ORGANISATION – No more clutter.. There’s no need to have a hundred different wires running around leading to different places. It’s a mess and it causes confusion. The PDU can be the central control hub of all your power outputs.
  • BUILT IN SAFETY FEATURES – PDU’s can have built in RCB’s, MCB’s or RCBO’s. Each piece of hardware is designed to protect bother user and product. No power overloads, no blown fuses, no fires and no nasty electric shocks.
  • PORTABALITY – Power distribution units are entirely portable and can be reused across many different events and in different locations with ease. In fact, many of them are even fully waterproof.
  • PERSONALISED ENGRAVING – Make the Power Distribution Unit your own.  


I’m interested in looking at a Power Distribution Unit for myself. Where can I find out more?

If you’re interested in a quote for a bespoke Power Distro, designed entirely with you in mind feel free to get in contact with us on 01752 817140 and let us know what you’re after.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Power Distro feel free to browse our fantastic stock here.