Which Battery Uplighter should I Choose? Battery Uplighter Review…

We sell a range of wireless uplighters, perfect for uplighting marquee or walls – for indoor and outdoor use. With so many wireless uplighters on the market it is often difficult to know which one is best for your event. Here Alex – head of Technical Lighting Sales here at Essential Supplies talks us through their different features and his recommendations.

Alex Darling, Head of Lighting Sales at Essential Supplies










Element Range

I love the Element range – they are very popular uplighters due to their competitive pricing, they are excellent value for money! The Element comes in 2 models, the QA and the HEX, with both models coming in an IP versionwhich is great for outdoor use.  However remember when the control panel is raised the unit is no longer waterproof – and you need the lid to be raised if you plug in DMX cables or mains power. The HEX version has one of the best colour palates on the market as it has RGB + white  + UV LEDs. THE QA is only RGBA however is a brighter light.

Flightcase option for charging.


Core ColourPoint Mini

I love this little uplighter, it looks a bit different, and has some great design features. This is a British product, and designed by people who are really passionate about their product, and how it operates especially well for rental companies and in a party / event environment. Lovely colour mixing, tilting lens, genuine drop in charger flight cases, ease of control, and longevity via the support of a UK manufacturer are the main plus points. On the minus side you pay a bit more for this quality, and if you need to run the lights over several days, you will need a separate charging base. Flight case or stacking tray options.



Chauvet EZpar

I recommended for customers on a budget, looking for a stand alone uplighter.
The EZ Par offers great flexibility, its small light, has a great battery life, simple controls like you expect from Chauvet. Downside if you want to use a Wifi control, you need to buy the extra D-Fi USB stick.



Mega QA GO

I recommend this for customers looking for decent wireless uplights as cheap as possible.
The 40 degree beam angle is good for washes, has an amber LED for lovely warm colours, great for use in smaller venues where brightness is not a key issue. Good value for money.


Chauvet Freedom Tri 6

I’d recommended this for customers who like the Chauvet range we offer a soft case with set of 4 Tri 6’s this is very popular and of course it’s a great fixture, plenty of light, battery power and they stay looking good thanks to the case option.





I would recommended the SMARTBAT range for customers who want to match the large rental companies with this great uplighter

This uplighter was the first of this new generation of better priced uplights from China. This is a quality light, well built and supported, has a really good iphone/android app via the wifi link. Good light cases, and proven longevity.

Available in black or white

IP version available for outside use.