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  1. 13A Multi-Gang Lengths

    13A Multi-Gang Lengths

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  2. 16A Various Lengths

    16A Various Lengths

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  3. 32A Various Lengths

    32A Various Lengths

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  4. 63A Various Lengths

    63A Various Lengths

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  5. 125A Various Lengths

    125A Various Lengths

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  6. 150A -400A  Powerlock

    150A -400A Powerlock

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  7. IEC Lengths to Order

    IEC Lengths to Order

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  8. Marine and Reefer Cables

    Marine and Reefer Cables

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Cable Extension Leads | Generator Cable Extenders | Rubber Extension Cable

I was recently asked what the difference between a professional extension cable and ordinary cables?  The answer is 100% reliability.  We make our professional extension cables using the best quality parts which in turn gives the professional user the reliability they want. Mennekes plugs and sockets, have

  1. excellent cable glands to grip the cable, keep water out and are easy to fit.
  2. They are very very tough and fit for use in a demanding commercial world.
  3. The pins contacts are so well made they give years of reliable service even at high currents

Titanex cable used in the manufacture of most of our H07 RN-F rubber cables, is another premium product, which a professional user will appreciate for its superior performance.

  • Tough reliable construction,
  • ease of handling,
  • top performance in extreme temperatures.


Essential Supplies manufacture a vast range of extension cables and leads for industry and entertainment use. We have an in-house team fully dedicated to creating your required cable extension leads – with a fast turnaround time. We can get cables specified and manufactured in 30 minutes, so if you are desperate to get your cable today or tomorrow, call us as we can normally offer you the solution you require.

Our range of extension leads are ideal for Mega Yacht shore supplies, HGV Refrigerated Lorries, Offshore Power, Temporary Generator Supplies, Concerts, Festivals, Mining, Village Halls, Electric Vehicle Charging, in fact anywhere power is needed.

Why are Extension Cables Safety Tested?

  • To make sure you, your staff, and members of the public are safe, it is critical to test your extension cables. Cables are only one part of an electrical system, if there is a fault with any one part it can have an impact on all the other parts making the system unsafe or dangerous. We test every cable we manufacture for:
  • Insulation between each of the cores, making sure there is no electrical breakdown between the cores.
  • Polarity, making sure each pin in the plug is correctly wired to the corresponding pin in the socket, very easy to get wrong and cause an accident.
  • Cable Resistance, making sure all connections are good.
  • Visual Check, on the cable plugs etc.
  • Records, we keep a record of the results of the safety test, as part of our quality control and your assurance.  This testing is called a PAT Test or Portable Appliance Test. Should you want a copy of the PAT Test certificate do ask when ordering. 

At Essential Supplies, we have the right extension leads to suit any occasion. Call our expert team now on 01752 817 140 to discuss your requirements in-depth and to receive a quote.