Charge Multi 11kW Portable EV Charger for 4 Cars

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  • Charge Rate 3/7/11kW
  • Charges up to 4 Cars
  • Mains 3 Phase 63A Power Req

Portable 4 Car EV Charger, 4 x 11kW Mennekes Chargers, Mains Powered

Portable Fast EV Charger for Electric Vehicles - 3 Phase Fast Charging

Do you need a temporary or movable Electric Vehicle Charging Point? This is the solution for you. More and more EV vehicles are in use across Europe needing regular charging, our range of portable EV charger solutions now means that it is possible to provide Instant Pop Up charging almost anywhere, any time and with minimal pre-planning.

When public car parks are being re-developed, when usual mains supplies are interrupted, when people gather for a concert or trade fair, the demand for a more flexible charging solution is growing and growing.

This Quad 4 way vehicle charger can charge 4 vehicles at the same time, powered by a 3 phase mains supply or a generator.

4 x 11kW Type 2 Charging Leads 5m long 
Galvanised Steel Lifting Frame
Panel Inlet, 63A 3 Phase using 5 pin (3p + n + e) IP67
Mennekes Amtron Charger + LED Charge Indicators
Communication Module, Only turns on the charger when fully connected to the EV car, matches charging current to the car's specification

Input Power Panel 63A 5 pin 3p+n+e IP67
Charging Sockets 4 x 11kW Mennekes Type 2Charging Rate 11kW @ 3 Phase, 3.7kW @ single phase
4 x DC Leakage Protection 6mA 
4x RCDs 40A/30mA Type A, 4 Pole
4 x MCBs 16A C Type 3P + N
Size 1300 x 1200 x 800 - Euro Pallet Frame
Weight 200kg
Charge Rate 3/7/11kW
Waterproof Rating IP54

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Voltage415V - Three Phase