Due to increased demand, our manufacturing lead times are currently extended. If your order is urgent, please check availability before placing an order. This applies to extension lead and distribution boards. 

Custom Aluminium Truss

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Custom Made and Bespoke Truss Systems

In addition to the standard range, virtually any special component or complete aluminium structure can be produced to your specifications. Special accessories, curved, other shaped extrusions are just some of the many possibilities.

The process is for us to agree to a design, maybe you have a sketch, a plan or just an idea. Give us a call, we can work through the details with you, including delivery times. We will then provide you with technical drawings prices and delivery times, if approved we will get the truss manufactured and delivered.

This process can be as quick as a couple of days for a simple rig, or a month for a large rig. All are suppliers are UK or Europe based for quality and speed of delivery.