Custom Festoon Lights - Any Length or Lamp Spacing

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Did you know we can make bespoke festoon to suit your needs?
Cables can be used at 230v or 110v

What we need to know from you:
1. How many Lampholders
2. What type of Lampholder ( ie BC or ES )
3. Lampholder Spacing, if even along the whole length, if not please send through a plan.
4. Cable length to 1st lampholder
5. Cable length from last lampholder , if important
6. Is a fitted plug required , 13A or 16A
7. Colour of Cable - Normally black, white / yellow / green are available.
8. Environment where it is being used, ie indoors temporary, or exposed seafront, permanent install.
9. Quantity of Festoons
10.. Anything else important
Festoon cables have numerous uses inside and outside, always look great and festive.

General Spec

GLS Lamps - Max 60W
Golf ball Lamps - Max 25W
For exterior use we recommend maximum of 25W lamps.
LED golfball lamps are becoming increasingly popular for long term installations.

Cable is a 2 core PVC or Rubber (black only), max power approx. 2500 - 3500w
The Festoon is CE approved, and IP44 or IP54 rated.
IP44 version must have all lamps are facing downward when used in damp environments.

Lamps (none supplied with festoon) BC 15w to 60w (see above), Clear or coloured, GLS or Golf Ball or LED.
Plug, the cable is supplied as standard with bare ends.

This festoon can be used for prolonged use at exposed outdoor sites. For seafronts, marine, and exposed sites do talk to our technical staff to help choose the best lamp for you, and see if any extra anti corrosive treatment would be necessary.

Bespoke festoons normally take about 1 week for delivery.

Call or email us for a quotation: 0800 0432 123

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