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Charge Fast Portable Charger

The compact, all-in-one Charge Fast housing is the ideal parking charger point. It is easy to move and takes minimal time and effort to set-up and get going. This charging solution can be deployed in any location, with minimal set-up ad programming and providing charging power in minutes.


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Charging In Minutes, Not Hours

Charge Fast 18kW EV Charger

The powerful 180kW delivery recharges a typical Electric Vehicle in around 20 minutes, reducing the waiting time for busy individuals on the move. It uses a CCS connector type as standard however if you're looking for a little more speed the CHAdeMO 22kW (type 2) or 43kW (type 2) connectors are also available. Additionally, the Charge Fast is customisable and can be provided with 1 or 2 cable plugs delivering with a maximum power of 180kW or 2x 90kW respectively. The compact design is easy to move / transport and its small footprint is ideal when installing within a small area, making it perfect for fleet environments with limited space.


One or two cable leads, up to 8m


Powerful 180kW capacity

Easy to Use

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The Charge Fast features an LCD-touchscreen with a bright, graphical visual display when viewing outside in the sunshine. The soft-touch, sensitive screen is simple and responsive to program and type with.

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The Charge Fast is available in 50kW, 120kW and a powerful 180kW. But that’s not all, with the Charge Fast you can split the 120kW into 2x60kW and the 180kW into 2x90kW, turning one car charging point into two.

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The Charge Fast is supplied with a 3.9m cable as standard. If you’re looking to offer extra long cables instead, choose from 6m or 8m cables; either 23kW or 43kW.

Charge Fast Technical Drawing

Technical Specifications:

  • 50kW, 120kW or 180kW capacity
  • Available outputs are 1 x 60kw,  2 x 60kW or 2 x 90kW
  • Input Connectors:  125A / 400v (3P+N+E) ,  5 Pole 480A Powerlock by Syntax
  • Output Connectors :  CCS, CHAdeMO,  22kw Type 2, 43kw Type 2.
  • LCD-touchscreen graphical display with high brightness for outdoor visibility
  • Charger  cable lengths from 3.9m to 8m
  • Personalise the frame with your own company logo
  • On-Site support packages from ABB
  • User payment option via 4G or 3G network

Charge Fast


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