Anytronics LED Pro Dim 10 Amp Dimmer for LEDs & Tungsten

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  • Pro, Tungeston or LEDs
  • Max 2300w, 16A Socket
  • Delivery - 2 - 3 days

Professional LED Dimmer ideal for LED Lamps, Festoon and Fairy Lights Anytronics PD098LED


This is a professional UK manufactured quality dimmer, made by Anytronics.  This dimmer gives a very smooth dimming curve right down to approx 5%. This is a professional quality dimmer rated at max load of 10 amps 2300w or 2.3kw. It is equally suitable for ordinary dimming with resistive tungsten/ halogen lamps or our LED uplighters.


  • Details
  • Connections 16A outlet socket, and 2m inlet cable.
  • Max Load 10 amps; 2300w; 2.3kw
  • Min Load Tested LED Lamp at 10w, excelent dimming 
  • Protection 10 amp MCB for overload protection and an internal 100mA fuse for circuit protection.
  • Control Slider fader on dimmer, remote 0-10v control available.
  • DMX This model does not have DMX Control see EDIM10/DMX/LED if you need a DMX version
    Please Note:
    This dimmer is the LED version, it has a modified dimming curve to make it suitable for dimmable LED lamps and is suitable for use with our fairy lights.
  • Not all dimmable LED lamps work the same, we have tested the dimmer with a large variety of lamps with excelent results. Please be aware that using this dimmer with lamps from different suppliers can give differing brightness / dimming results. So our general advice is to test lamps before using them.  

    We cannot guarantee the suitability of this dimmer for use with fairy lights supplied by other companies.
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