LED Pinspot 15w Cool White Dimmable - No DMX

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LED Pinspot 15w Cool White Dimmable - No DMX NEW

Yes a very long time in development but here it is a lovely new LED Pinspot with a light quality to out perform the old and well respected PAR16 Pin Spot. Perfect for spotlighting diner tables and mirrorballs.

Beam Angle. This new pin spot comes as standard with a 4 degree beam each light also has a couple of diffusers so can be used at either 4 or 10 or 45 degree beam angles.

Bright. This is a 15w LED so good and punchy being brighter than an old PAR36 you have far more applications where these will be used.

Dimming. Yes fully dimmable there is a rotary knob on the rear of each fitting or use a standard dimmer like a ProDim 10. No dmx data cables for these lights.

Colour. These LEDs are in a natural cool white 4500k very soon we will have them available in a options are available

Pin Banks of 3 or 4 lights are available

Brand: Briteq
Beam Colour 4500k Natural White
Beam Angle Min 4 max 45 degrees
Power Consumption: 15 W
Weight: 1.3 kg
Dimensions: 172 x 156 x 125mm (LxWxH)
Plug - European CEE 7/7 fitted we can fit a UK 13A or 16A if required

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