Lighting Festoon 20m PVC with 20 BC Lampholders

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  • 20m Festoon, 1m Spacing
  • Indoor and Outdoor use

20m x 20 BC Lampholders

Indoor PVC Festoon Lighting

Festoon cables have numerous uses inside and outside and will always look spectacular, creating a festive atmosphere and enhancing your theme and environment for all to appreciate.


A 20m PVC festoon that has 20 lampholders moulded onto the cable with a waterproof joint, with the spacing at metre intervals and 0.5m from the lead in length to the first lampholder.
You can also select to buy attached plugs & sockets and links are provided for a choice of lamps, these items would normally be sold separately.

The cable is black in colour and can be used for either 230v or 110v applications.
Festoon cables have numerous uses inside and outside always look great and festive
Our standard lampholders are B22 / BC type.

Lampholders on this Festoon are B22 / BC type.
LED Golf Ball lamps are becoming increasingly popular for long term installations and are highly recommended when using Festoons.
GLS Lamps - Max 60W
Golf Ball Lamps - Max 25W

Cable is a 2 core 2.5mm PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) - Max power approx. 3500w

ES / E27 lampholders can be ordered if required upon request.

The Festoon is CE approved does not have an IP rating due to the joint between the lampholder and the lamp.
Make sure all lamps are facing downwards, or a maximum of 45 degrees.

We do not suggest this festoon for prolonged use at exposed outdoor sites seafronts etc, we offer a superior rubber festoon for permeant outdoor use.

20m Rubber Festoon


BC Lamps (None supplied with festoon)

Plugs - The cable is supplied without plug. A standard 13 amp plug or 16 Amp can be fitted.

Rubber Sleeves for extra protection between lamp & lampholder.

Bespoke festoons are available and made to order. Either request a quote on your checkout or E-mail us answering the specification questions visible on the page. Cable is available in Black and White for Rubber or Black and white for PVC. Bespoke festoons normally take about 1 week for delivery.


PVC Festoon Cross Section

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